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Cat Insurance

We love to believe that our cats have 9 lives - but in reality they are just as susceptible to injury or illness as any one of us. We want them to have access to the best in health care if the need should arise, but vet bills can be a severe financial strain. Our flexible cover options for cats can help to safeguard your cat as well as your wallet.

Cat Insurance in brief

Our cat insurance plans are simple and affordable. You can choose from Accidental Injury Protect, Comprehensive Protect or Comprehensive Protect plus Routine, to suit your cat and your budget. If you insure two or more pets with us you can also get a 5% discount on your policies.

Depending on which type of cover you choose you'll get up to $10,000 or $15,000 per year towards your vet bills if your cat is injured or falls ill. We'll pay up to 75% of eligible expenses, with no excess on your claims.

With our cat insurance you get cover for eligible vet expenses which allow you to use the services of any vet in Australia and, in some cases, overseas. And if your cat ever needs specialist treatment or hospitalisation, we'll cover those too.

Have a real soft spot for cats? If you insure more than one pet with us you'll qualify for a 5% discount on your premiums for each additional policy, making your pet insurance even more affordable.

We have a pet insurance option for any age of cat, but your cat must be less than 9 years of age to qualify for our Comprehensive Protect. Once insured, we will continue to offer to insure your cat for the rest of its life as long as cover is renewed each year.

All our cat insurance plans have a 21 day cooling off period, so if you change your mind you can cancel your policy and get a full refund, provided you haven't made a claim.

Cats like to play. They have a nose for trouble and sometimes accidents follow. Even indoor cats can fall ill or get injured and unfortunately premium vet care often comes with a premium price tag.

Cat insurance helps you give your cat the very best level of care without the financial strain of unexpected vet bills running into thousands of dollars.

Policy Benefits

We offer a range of economical cat insurance plans so you can choose the ideal policy for your family. You can get a discount on your policies if you insure more than one pet with us – and that includes dogs as well as cats. You can lower the cost of your premiums by choosing lower benefit limits.

Sadly cats don't always land on their feet, and emergency treatment or surgery after an accident can cost well over $1000. Our comprehensive Protect and Accidental Injury Protect plans cover you for vet bills of up to $10,000 if your pet is injured, including specialist care, after-hours visits, advanced procedures and hospitalisation.

We'll cover up to 75% of your eligible vet bills at the vet of your choice, anywhere in Australia. Your pet is insured up to the Annual Benefit Limit with no reduction in cover as it ages. You'll even get ongoing cover for chronic or recurring conditions up to the Chronic Condition Limit as long as you renew your insurance cover each year.

Save 5% off your pet insurance with our multi-pet discount

Get a discount on the premiums for each additional policy when you insure more than one dog or cat with us.

How to buy insurance for your cat

It's quick and easy to buy cat insurance from 1300 Insurance. Simply call us on 1300 Insurance (1300 467 872) or get an instant online quote. Upon acceptance of application for your cover, you will be issued with a policy document and your pet will be insured as specified in that policy document.

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Important Policy Information

Terms, conditions, excesses and limits apply to these policies. Please refer to the Product Disclosure Statement for full details of the cover provided.

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Policy Exclusions

Our cat insurance transfers many of the risks dog owners face for cat expenses from the insured to the insurer. However it does not cover every circumstance or expense and we have some exclusions that help keep premiums low. See the Product Disclosure Statement for full details.

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