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Basics Travel Insurance

The Basics Plan is our most simple and affordable travel insurance cover. We’ve stripped it down to the bare essentials, without compromising on the quality of your cover for medical and hospital costs (subject to terms and conditions).

Basics Plan in brief*

If you fall ill or are injured while you are overseas, you could pay hundreds of dollars for even the most basic medical attention. If something more serious happens and you need specialist treatment or a stay in hospital, the costs could quickly mount into the thousands. With our Basics Plan travel insurance, you’ll have unlimited cover for medical assistance and expenses, anywhere in the world*~.

If the worst happens while you’re travelling and you need help, we’re here. Simply call our 24-hour global assistance line - from anywhere, at any time - and our expert team will help you locate medical facilities, embassies or consulates; get in touch with your family; or organise an evacuation home.

All sorts of things can happen when you’re on the move, and if you accidentally hurt someone or damage their property you could be liable for thousands of dollars in damages. Our basics travel insurance comes with personal liability cover of up to $1m, so you can enjoy your travels with increased peace of mind.

All our travel insurance products have a 14-day cooling off period, so if you change your mind you can simply cancel your policy and get a full refund, provided you haven’t commenced your journey and you haven’t made, and don’t intend to make, a claim or commenced your trip.

* See PDS for full details of terms and conditions and limits and exclusions that apply

When you’re travelling on a budget you need to spend wisely and prioritise the things that matter most. Our Basics plan gives you medical cover only, therefore if you choose to only have a medical policy this may be an option for you.

Policy Benefits

Our Basics Plan travel insurance is quick and easy to arrange. Get an instant quote online and have your policy in place within minutes. Your coverage will take effect on the date your trip starts, as shown in your policy document. Once you are underway you’ll have cover for medical or hospital treatment, whilst traveling, subject to the policy’s terms and conditions.

We’ve also incorporated up to $1m of personal liability cover into our Basics Plan, to provide cover for the costs you could incur if you accidentally cause damage or injure someone on your trip, subject to the policy’s terms and conditions.

If something does happen on your trip you may require an insurance company who will make things easier. That’s why we’ve made our claims process as straightforward as possible. And with our budget travel cover you still get the 24-hour support of our global assistance team, who can help you locate the nearest medical facilities in an emergency.

This table gives you a broad overview of the benefits included with your Basics Plan. Check out the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) for full terms and conditions, and exclusions and limits that apply. The below table sets out the maximum amount payable for all claims combined under each policy section.

Benefit Type Single / Duo (per person) Family
Overseas Emergency Assistance*^ Unlimited~ Unlimited~
Funeral expenses incurred overseas or the cost of bringing your remains back to your home [per person] $15,000 $15,000
Overseas Emergency Medical & Hospital Expenses*^ Unlimited~ Unlimited~
Emergency Dental Expenses [per person]
(for the relief of sudden and acute pain to sound and natural teeth)
$1,000 $1,000
Personal Liability $1,000,000 $1,000,000

* Sub-limits apply. Please refer to the 'Your Policy Cover' section of the Combined Financial Services Guide and Product Disclosure Statement for further information.

^ you do not have cover under these sections while travelling in Australia.

~ Where used, the term ‘Unlimited’ only means there is no capped dollar sum insured. Terms, conditions, limits and exclusions apply as set out in the PDS. All costs and expenses claimed must be reasonable. We will only pay for treatment received and/or hospital accommodation during the 12 month period after the sickness first showed itself or the injury happened. You do not have cover under certain conditions while travelling in Australia. Please refer to the Product Disclosure Statement for full details.

How to Apply For Cover

It's quick and easy to apply for travel insurance from 1300 Insurance. Simply call us on 1300 Insurance (1300 467 872) or click here to get an instant online quote. Your insurance cover will start as soon as we accept your application and send you your policy document, subject to the policy's terms and conditions.

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Important Policy Information

Terms, conditions, excesses limits and exclusions apply to this policy. Please refer to the Product Disclosure Statement for full details of the cover provided.

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Policy Exclusions

Our travel insurance offers cover against many of the risks you face when you travel. However it does not cover every circumstance or expense and we have some exclusions, such as for pre-existing medical conditions. See the Product Disclosure Statement for full details.

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